Does Bank of America have a notary service?

The answer to this question might surprise you. You might be thinking that bank of America notary services isn’t available. The truth is that all branches of bank of America have a notary service available at every branch. So if you have any questions about your signature, you can go to your local bank branch to get your answers. But did you know that notary services aren’t available nationwide?

Well, they are. You can find a notary at any location nationwide. You can also use the Notary Locator tool to find a nearby notary that’s convenient for you.

 A notary service is a way for you to ensure that when you sign a document, it is legally binding. The document will be filed in the state’s official records where you live.

It was the first major US bank to offer this type of service. The announcement was made on the company’s blog. Bank of America explained that the notarization process. It costs $4.95 per document. Bank of America said the service is currently available for customers in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. This announcement follows a similar one by Ally, which began offering a notary service in 2018. Ally said that, in 2018, customers in the U.S. notarized more than two million documents on its website and app. Even, You can also notarize your sister.

What does “Notary Service” mean?

According to the National Notary Association. A notary (also known as a notary public) is an official chosen by the government of the state. To represent the public as a fair  witness in completing certain fraud-deterrent acts relating to sign documents.” Notarizations, also known as notarial acts, are these “official acts.”

Notary services are used to verify. Some notary services include a certificate and document signed. Other notary services include notarizing legal documents, including notarizing a contract, mortgages, or deeds. In addition, notaries perform many other important functions such as witnessing a marriage and signing a will.

How to get a notary service for Bank of America?

Many people don’t realize that notary services are available at many banks in the US. These services can be used to make the process of signing over ownership of a bank account easier. When someone wants to change ownership of their bank account, the new owner can sign over ownership with the notary services offered by the bank. With notary services, no legal documents are needed to transfer ownership. Just a signature on a piece of paper.

Go to the Bank of America Branch for notary service

When you have to sign a document at the ACS Unit, the person who needs to sign it must personally appear.

Bring the necessary documents

If the person who has to sign the paperwork is absent, he or she must personally go to the ACS Unit, present a valid passport, and show other appropriate documents.

You need to bring all of the documents that you want notarized, your signed agreement, any additional documents, a current state-issued photo ID, and your paperwork.

Make an appointment with a Notary Public

Not all bank of America notary public offices are open for business every day, but they do have some days and hours that they’re open.

You should make sure to call your local Bank of America branch to confirm their days and hours of operation, and how many services they provide for legal documents.

If they can perform a notary seal, you can schedule an appointment online or by phone.

Pay the notary fee and stamp duty

If you’re looking to notarize a document or to make a transaction that requires a notary signature, visit your local branch. Some companies offer free notary services as a benefit to their customers. If you have a checking or savings account with Bank of America, you are qualified to receive a free notarial service.

Every Bank of America location has its policies regarding services provided to people who don’t have accounts. You may be able to pay a fee for any services. The fees will depend on the branch’s policies. The next step after you’ve scheduled an appointment to meet with a notary public is to pay the notary’s fee and any required

After signing, get a copy of the lease agreement

A lease is a legal contract, so you must have the security you need from the arrangement. A strong lease agreement safeguards your interest and avoids misunderstandings that can result in legal action. Obtain a copy of the lease agreement after signing.

Get all parties to sign the lease agreement

The notary must choose whether to keep a copy of the statement signed by the credible witness after notarization. The act of a notarial public is that of an official witness to a document’s signing.

Change your address at the DMV and keep a certified copy for your records.

The DMV is the best place to go to deal with those requests. Borrowers who go to their local DMV to get information about changing their address or taking out a loan will receive faster service than going through.

How do I find the Bank of America Notary Service?

Verify the identity of the person requesting a notarization

Not only should you check the credentials of someone requesting a notary. But you should also verify that the person signing the document is the individual who is listed as the applicant. Notarizing the wrong person’s documents may result in legal ramifications if you’re not careful

Confirm that the document to be notarized is valid in your state

A document must be valid in the jurisdiction. You need it to be notarized. The law varies by state. But the document needs to be notarized in the exact location where it is being recorded. Some states require a signature or a physical notarization by a notary public. Other states allow the notary to perform an electronic notarization online. Not all states require an original document, only copies that meet certain requirements.

Ask for identification and proof of residency

If someone is looking to buy something and claims they live there or have lived there for three years, ask for identification (like a utility bill or lease) or other proof of residency. If someone shows you something that belongs to them, like a receipt or a pay stub, check with the seller if it’s legitimate.

Check if important dates or information

Mistakes happen, so make sure you have all the information about how to get the best deal on your auto insurance. To confirm the date, look in the calendar. Check, if any important dates or details is missing.

Check for any limitation

Make sure that all pages are there and complete the manuscript.

• Check if the document’s use is subject to any restrictions.

Review and sign the acknowledgment of signature and seal after notarization

If you asked to notarize or sign a document. Don’t just start signing it. Do so only after the notary has reviewed the document, signed the statement at the bottom, and printed and placed the stamp/seal on the document. Ask the notary to review the document.

Ensure proper recording of your signature, date, and seal on documents requiring authentication only

Get your signature, date, and seal correctly entered on any documents that need authentication.

Department of State’s Office of Authentications will issue the state certificate after the applicant completes the state-level authentication.


Bank of America does offer a Notary Service for free to anyone who has lost their ID, is in danger of losing their ID, or has a document that needs notarization. All you need to do is download and print the form, fill it out, and fax it back to the bank. You will receive a call within 24 hours to verify your identity.

You will also receive a confirmation number via text message so that you can fax it to them yourself. For more information about how to notarize documents, please see this article.

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