How to delete your bank transaction history

You’ve probably heard someone asking “How do I delete my Bank transaction history?” Most people aren’t aware of this option. Most of the time, you have to go to the website of your credit card provider and search for the option to remove your transaction history. This can be very inconvenient for many reasons. For one, it is not a good idea to go through the trouble of signing up for multiple accounts and changing your billing address. And, you’ll be surprised to learn that it might not be possible to do this at all.

There are many reasons why people want to delete their bank transactions. They may be buying something that’s illegal, or they want to hide a transaction from their partner or the bank, or they’re looking into their bank account for some reason.

Some people are uncomfortable discussing their finances with others, which is why they want to buy a high-priced item and pay for it in cash.

If you’re concerned about hiding your transaction history or making it harder for someone to find that out, there are several reasons why people do this. This book will explain each of those reasons, and show you how you can change your transaction history to help prevent this issue. Instead of it, you can also change your pin.

Following are the steps to follow to delete your bank transaction history.

1. Log in to your online banking account

login banking account

Open your phone and log into the app of your bank and log into your online banking account.

2. Find the transaction you want to delete

find transaction

You’ll need to look for a transaction.

3. Click the drop-down menu next to the date of the transaction

When you find a transaction you want to delete, click on it. To finish up, choose the date of the transaction from the drop-down menu below.

4. Select “ delete this transaction”

delete this transaction

If you want to delete the selected transaction, click on “delete this transaction.

5. Choose whether or not to save your changes

Next, it’ll prompt you to save your changes

6. Confirm your decision to delete your transaction

Next, you’ll need to choose whether or not you want to save your changes

7. Go to your checking account to verify that the transaction is gone

If you accidentally delete an item. You can check its status again in the history to see. If it was already deleted.


It’s a good idea to delete your bank transaction history if you’re at risk of a privacy breach. Whether it is something private that you have bought and do not want your spouse to see. You have bought something very expensive, in any case, make sure you’re sorted.


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